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Our keynote speaker // Claire Turnbull

WID Turnbull C

Claire Turnbull is a qualified nutritionist, entrepreneur and author who loves inspiring people to be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves and getting the most out of life! She is the owner and director of Mission Nutrition, a nutrition practice offering personalised nutrition advice, workplace wellness programs, workshops and supermarket tours and has a team of 14 Dietitians and Nutritionists who work throughout NZ. She also actively engages with the community through her cooking classes and events.

Claire trained to be a Dietitian and fitness trainer in the UK and her approach to health and happiness is practical, inspiring and realistic. Her aim is to make it easy to live well – she helps people to make changes that last so they feel good and look good for life! With a very hectic work schedule and a young family herself, she practices what she preaches and is a living example of the principles she espouses.

Media Claire does a huge amount of work in the media, regularly featuring on TVNZ Breakfast, Fair Go, Newstalk ZB, Radio Live and Rhema radio as well as regularly featuring in print media. She has filmed two prime time TV shows which aired on TVNZ and most recently filmed the Healthy Food Guide 10 part series alongside with Carly Flynn with aired on Choice TV.

Alongside Claire’s media work and her nutrition practice, she is also the nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide Magazine and is is one of the NZ ambassadors for the Bowel cancer society.

Author Lose Weight for Life was Claire's first best-selling book, released with Penguin in 2013. Her second book, Feel Good for Life, was released by Penguin in 2015 and is also a best seller. Most recently Claire has released a wellness diary called ‘It’s a beautiful day’ with the goal of helping people make it easier to live a healthier life.

Claire moved to New Zealand in 2005, initially to work for the not-for-profit organisation Diabetes Auckland, she is still actively involved in community projects to help make a real difference. She works with Monty Betham on the Steps for Life programme based in South Auckland, has also teamed up with Brett McGregor to deliver inspiring videos to help school children learn to eat well and does work to support the Cancer Society.

Claire travels throughout New Zealand and internationally as a speaker, inspiring people to eat well and take better care of themselves by sharing her practical ideas on happier, healthier living. She is an incredibly motivating, passionate speaker, who will light up any conference or event.